Ayala BAC 2012 Marching Band Photos
by Ultra Light Photography

Updated 2012-12-08

Who is Ultra Light Photography?

We are the husband and wife team of Jose and Linda Fernandez.  We are booster alumni who served on the BAC executive board from 2005-2006, when Jose was VP of communications, and from 2006-2009 when Linda was VP of Student Services.  Two of our three sons each marched four years in the BAC: Andrew (aka "Fir-B"), Ayala class of 2008, played trumpet, and Leland, Ayala class of 2009, played alto saxophone.  Our oldest son, Devin, Brea-Olinda High School class of 2001, played trombone.

We have witnessed the BAC's strong and positive influence on the lives of students and boosters.  We support the BAC by photographing the experiences and performances of its students, families and staff.

What is for sale?

Photographs of students and boosters are on sale.  These photographs were taken during band camps, night and afternoon practices, booster work days, exhibitions and competitions from July 2012 thru December 2012.  Photographs may be purchased as prints or as digital image files.  Digital image files are available in low resolution and in high resolution.

As of this update, all senior photographs are now available.  Photographs of juniors, sophomores and freshmen are in process.  Updates will be published at this web page and at the Ayala BAC Facebook page.

Where do I look?

Follow this link: Ayala Band & Color Guard galleries

Is there a discount if I buy all the digital image files of my student?

Yes!  There is a single discounted price for buying all the high resolution digital files of a single student.

What if my family has multiple students in the BAC?

If you buy all of the high resolution digital images of one of your family’s students, you get all the high resolution digital image files for your entire family at no extra cost.

What about security/privacy?

In order to preserve the privacy of students and boosters, all picture galleries are password protected.  Contact jose@ultralightphotography.com to obtain the password to your student’s pictures.

Upon request, the password for a gallery may be removed to allow relatives and friends to view photographs without having to know or enter a password.  Contact jose@ultralightphotography.com about removing gallery passwords.

Is it okay to take purchased digital image files to Costco, Walgreens, etc., to make prints?

Yes, it’s okay for you to make prints at your favorite printing service!  A word of advice: disable “automatic color correction” at Costco, Walgreens, etc., as their computers sometimes make strange or unpleasant color correction decisions.

I have questions, who do I contact?

Send your questions to jose@ultralightphotography.com.